Political Ownership and the Cultural Sector

It's a well-known dilemma: the support of the State is almost always needed to establish and maintain cultural institutions, irrespective of whether these are part of the public sector or privately initiated, and of whether they are publicly funded, in full or in part, or merely get in-principle support and blessings. In Jamaica, public cultural... Continue Reading →

The End of an Era

This is a sad moment in Jamaica's cultural and artistic history. I understand that the house of David Boxer, the late art historian, artist and collector, is slated for demolition, to make way for what will probably be another run-of-the-mill apartment complex, of which Kingston hardly needs any more. For those who did not know... Continue Reading →

On Making Things

My father was a ham radio amateur. His call sign was ON4PU. He was a technical engineer by training and made almost everything for his hobby himself, from scratch. He made his own radios, his own antennas, for use at our home and for his car, buying components from old army stocks and other, more... Continue Reading →

My New Blog

Welcome to my new personal blog. It will feature research essays, reviews, opinions and interviews on art in the Caribbean and beyond. While context and issues of representation will also be discussed, the work of art will be the focus and point of departure in most of my posts. This is a position inspired by... Continue Reading →

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