Riddles of Identity: Tessa Mars in Context

This essay was written as a commission by Le Centre d'Art for the catalogue of the exhibition by the Haitian artist Tessa Mars titled "île Modèle-Manman Zile-Island Template", at the Maison Dufort in Port-au-Prince, May 31-June 29, 2019. It was translated into French for the catalogue. The original English version is posted here, with permission... Continue Reading →

Letter to Kei Miller

Update May 14, 2018: This letter responded to the essay “The White Women and the Language of Bees” by Kei Miller, as originally published on the PREE website. This essay was removed from PREE, in the heat of the controversy it generated and at the author's request. It was on May 3 replaced by a ... Continue Reading →

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